OHTN launches The Positive News

The OHTN is proud to announce the launch of an anti-stigma campaign called The Positive News. (When you go to the website, try reloading the page to see different landing screens with unique animations.)

The Positive News is a fresh approach to bringing our HIV prevention and treatment message to a general audience. The campaign’s first phase comprises five visually stunning, easy-to-understand videos hosted by Muluba Habanyama covering the following themes:

The launch of these awareness-raising videos is being boosted through a digital media campaign and in traditional media, including spots on CP24.

The OHTN will also be rebranding its long-running Did You Know? newsletter. Starting in December, we’ll be publishing The Positive Newsletter. We’ll use the enthusiasm already gathering around this project to reach a wider audience than ever.

This is only the beginning. In the new year we’ll continue to roll out more content designed to engage viewers, raise awareness, and make an impact, including Facebook and Instagram Live events.

At the heart of The Positive News is the OHTN’s mission is to improve the health and lives of people living with and at risk of HIV by using data and evidence to drive change. You can help us to make that goal a reality by sharing The Positive News on social media and through your other networks, online and off.

Want to learn more about the OHTN’s efforts to spread the word about HIV prevention and treatment? Check out Dragging the Worst Tweets on HIV.